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8 Ways To Wear Red Lipstick, Without Looking Over Dressed

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Your face is one of your biggest accessories. Knowing how to wear makeup and makeup colours can do wonders for your image and appearance.

When wearing red lips, choosing the perfect undertone according to your skin tone is key. To get your perfect match, test lip colours with either a blue, coral or brick undertone and see how a simple lip colour can brighten your complexion.

Once applied with precision, a red lip looks feminine, timeless and glamorous. However this doesn’t mean that you only have to wear it in the evening or on special occasions, in fact you can even wear it during day.

Here are 8 ways to wear red lipstick without looking over dressed.

1. Pair it with a striped t-shirt and bootleg jeans for a 70’s look.



2. Pair it with a statement necklace and denim shirt.

Denim, shirt


3. Pair it with an all black outfit and leopard print ankle boots for a pop of colour.

Leopard heels


4. Go for a matching nail colour and pair it with comfy casual wear and All Star sneakers.

Matching nails


5. Add a pop of colour in winter and pair it with a khaki parka jacket.

Parka jacket


6. Go for the classic look in a relaxed fit white blouse.

Red lips


7. Pair it with a camel coat, ripped jeans and sneakers.

Sneakers and coat


8. Pair it with a playful t-shirt to bring out the girlie side.



Have you found your perfect red lipstick?

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