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Personal Shopping With Samantha Sampson

By Jill Hector

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Instead of me telling you about how our shopping trip went, I thought I’d share the experience, straight from Samantha’s mouth.

“So today I had the pleasure of meeting Jill Hector. We connected immediately and got straight to the tasks that awaited us. We discussed a few important information with regards to my dress code and how she wants me to pick a few outfits from the floor and in return she done the same. Jill took all her items in a size 14 and here I am telling her that I am a size 16. As we headed to the fitting rooms I was extremely nervous. As you all know that I am “a fuller figure” and at that time I had two items in size 16. She pointed out to me what I should wear first and I followed her instructions. She left me alone to try the first dress on while she went to look for a pair of shoes and accessories. She returned in no time and her eyes were so big when she looked at me and I thought “oh noo, this is a disaster” low and behold she started complimenting me and I was not convinced. She then took me through the detail of the dress, jacket, chain and shoes. I then had a totally different perspective of “ME” As I tried all the other outfits on, I could not stop smiling. I felt more confident and she highlighted some valid points to me. Her words ” Sam, it does not matter what size you are, wear the kinda clothes that defines you” She said to me I look great from head to toe. Ladies, make your appointment with Jill Hector, each and every minute was so worth it. She is a professional and has a passion for what she does. Jill, thank you very much.”

2 What an amazing testimonial. 

Thank you Samantha!

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