It’s your time! Step out of your comfort zone. Elevate your style and boost your self-confidence.

Gone are the days of being overwhelmed by a closet full of clothes feeling like you have nothing to wear. Instead, you can have a closet filled with clothes that you love and feel confident in.

Not everyone has the luxury of time or the fashion know-how to elevate their style. Yet your style is so powerful, it directly influences your self-image and self-confidence. This is where I come…

Promoting self-care and confidence, I use wardrobe and makeup to help women to renew their sense of style. 

If you:

  • Want a birthday spoil.
  • Need a makeup or wardrobe update.
  • Are attending a wedding or black-tie event.
  • Struggle to dress your slimmer or fuller figure.
  • Are up for a promotion at work and need to dress the part.

I’ll help you to achieve your signature makeup look and select key clothing pieces to build a functional wardrobe best suited for your body shape, lifestyle, and personality.

 Watch the full video and see all three of Lollie’s looks here. She talks about her dramatic weight loss and what it meant to transform her style and regain self-confidence.